Pop Quiz #470

Here is the side view of a jacket I recently bought at Chico’s. See anything wrong with it? Make special note of those sleeves and how they hang. I’ll bet it looks just fine, downright dandy from this side view:

You’ll note the sleeves are not perpendicular. Normally, this is a good thing (it is not good if the sleeves hang aligned with the side seam in tailored goods). The problem is, it’s the front of the jacket that’s facing out; those sleeves are sewn in backwards! Here’s a photo from the front. Can you see those sleeves swinging back? It’s more noticeable on the right.

It always amazes me that a manufacturer can sew their sleeves in backwards. I don’t understand how they manage that. I suppose I could open the jacket and check the armhole notches but I’m thinking of returning this. How could nobody not notice?

Another annoyance (irrelevant): The front comprises three pieces; a center front panel, a middle front panel and a side front panel (piece naming conventions). None of them have any curvature to them. The pieces are flat. Pray tell me, what was the purpose of cutting this many pieces without some fitting curvature to them?

Speaking of manufacturers sewing their sleeves in backwards, here’s a real prize. I laughed out loud. Can you see those seams (typical of suit sleeves) from the front (larger view)? And this is a hoity toity self-described couture designer. I don’t remember who sent me the link to this site, lauding the talent of the designer but all I could see were these sleeves. And by the way, all of the jackets on that site had sleeves like this.

So, the challenge of the day boys and girls, is to come up with the most likely correction for this problem. Bonus points awarded for a complete solution, meaning the prevention of this in process and operations. It is not cheating if you consult pg. 177 of The Entrepreneur’s Guide. You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know where to find the answers.

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