Pop Quiz: Fitting the common T-shirt

eric_fit_shirt_front_smIf I had a “favorite” fitting defect, it would be this one. Favorite because it is so easy to diagnose and fix. It is more common in wovens than tee shirts which is why this example stands out. There’s also a larger version of the photo at right if you need it.

Your task is:

  1. Identify the primary defect
  2. Identify its cause
  3. Explain the best way to correct the pattern to eliminate the defect.

In the event anyone goes off on rabbit trails -unwarranted in my opinion, this is a straightforward proposition not a trick question- it should be obvious from the photo that my model is right handed. The only hint I will give you is that the defect is worse on the left side.

Consider carefully because this fitting problem is often misdiagnosed according to the primary defect’s secondary effect. Ask yourself why handedness would matter in diagnosing the defect. For what it’s worth, even the solution for the most common misdiagnosis (the secondary effect) often corrects the problem but knowing the root cause is better for those cases in which it will not. Extra credit to anyone who can explain how to prove the difference between a primary and a secondary defect.

I’ve provided two photos of the back for your convenience. The first is smaller (32 kb, only one half) and the second is full size (172 kb) if your bandwidth isn’t limited. Okay, have at it and good luck!

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