Pondering topics – pick one pt.2

Thanks for all of your responses to the poll. I should ask you more often, the results were not as I would have guessed. The way I calculated the results was to assign a 3 to one’s first choice, 2 to one’s second choice and 1 to any subsequent selections. You can do the math if you’re so inclined but here is what I came up with:

  1. 4  -71 votes for The fastest way to pattern and prototype.
  2. 6 -46 votes for Sewing a lined casual men’s jacket.
  3. 1 -34 votes for Knit pattern grading.
  4. 5 -29 votes for Pattern engineering to fabric width constraints.
  5. 3 -28 votes for Another reason small orders are shunted off to the side.
  6. 2 -22 votes for How to order a marker.

If I’d had my way, #2 (how to order a marker) would have been first, #1 (knit grading) would have been second, #3 would have third, #4 would have been fourth, #5 would have been fifth and #6 would have been sixth. As an aside, you guys should care more about ordering markers. I’ve been working on that post for weeks (months?). Maybe I just need to compare notes with other practitioners because customer lack of preparedness with marker ordering is becoming a continual source of frustration for me.

All that said and in spite of your expressed wishes, I will do #6 (lined jacket) first and then #4 (fast prototyping). Reason being, I just finished the coat and learned a few things I want to write before I forget that may help you avoid some problems while still in the design phase if you undertake a similar project. #4 is relegated to follow because I think it is a bit self serving and so, don’t want to lead with it.

Oh, almost forgot. The suggestions we got for other topics were:

  • How can we make the production process (the making from a to z) more sustainable. What can we as small manufacturers do?
  • I’m think the terms grading and fitting (and sometimes drafting?) are being used interchangeably. A post clearly explaining the difference would be great.
  • I’d also like a review/recap/more info into your private training sessions.
  • So what were you supposed to use to soak up spilled sewing machine oil, again? It was something grainy. I panicked and used table salt.

I thought those were pretty good. The last question was more a question of quick solution; I’d check with an industrial supply for that because it can depend on your flooring. Theresa mentioned a kitty litter type product. I have a bag of it around but haven’t used it in a long while. Mr. Fashion-Incubator may have absconded with it.

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