Pattern puzzle: lamp shades

My not so inner four year old has been waiting all week to post this. She thinks she deserves pats on the head for not having gone off the rails with it sooner. It is better than a regular pattern puzzle; it’s an ouroboros pattern (pt.2, pt.3) too. Giddy giddy giddy she is.

In response to last week’s entry (the aside on the lampshade I liked in LA), Miss Jess left a link to a DIY reconfigurable lantern project on Craftster. I don’t know that it was legal that the pattern for the project was posted in that forum and I normally don’t link to something unless I know it is so I don’t know how to reconcile my questionable ethics in the matter. ~sigh~ Am I becoming corrupted? Anyway, the company who makes these kits (of which the pattern was posted from Make Magazine) is called IQ Light. Here are some photos of the lamp shades.

Here is a simplistic illustration showing the concept of construction using just the one pattern interlocking pattern piece (a discussion of the lamp shade geometry is here).

Below are two photos of lamps made by people over at Craftster. I think these are very striking. There’s no reason you couldn’t make some yourself. I think they’d look good in oaktag. I’ve made smaller lights (rather like luminarias) out of that before and they came out very nice.

On a related site (related to the IQ light site that is) I found some more cool lamps. The one below is famous, not that I knew that. It’s called “Turbo” and was designed by Louis Weisdorf (there’s no wiki on him!) in 1965.

Here’s another photo of it. Apparently you can still buy these for a mere £499.00 (36″) or £852.00 (62″). Ouch.

It is described as:

TURBO is built by 12 identical white-sprayed spiral shaped [aluminum] segments whose exterior follow the face of a globe. The inner part of the TURBO light does not blind and the bulb is completely screened.

This lamp should be really easy -heh- since it’s made with only one pattern piece. Anyone care to sketch it out for us?

It is at this point that I don’t know if I should continue or not. I have been looking for an excuse to show lamp samples from two books I dearly love that have some DIY paper or plastic lamp patterns, interlocking or pleated similar to these. These books are called Nomadic Furniture and Nomadic Furniture 2. I have tons of books. If these books were irreplaceable (out of print but plenty of used ones on Amazon) and my office were burning down and I could only carry out twenty books, I’d take these. They are full of all kinds of patterns for DIY projects. Even if you never build anything from them, you’ll get lost looking through them for hours. Many many clever ideas.

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