Pattern Puzzle: vintage 1930’s

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, did you miss them?

If you’re a recent visitor and have no idea what a pattern puzzle is about, we have a separate category for pattern puzzles in which we play “guess the item”. Typically I post the pattern pieces and you have to guess what it is. You can draw a sketch of the finished item or garment and either post a comment with a link to your idea or you can email me (kathleenATfashion-incubatorDOTcom) and I’ll post the link for you. Once folks have had a chance to submit their ideas (usually a day or two), I post the solution and pat everyone on the head. We like pats, yes we do.

Today’s challenge was inspired by a link that Elizabeth Kloian sent me. Here is what the pattern pieces look like:


This pattern is actually for sale! Either tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll post a link. Until then, feel free to post your idea of what you think this design looks like. Give it your best shot and good luck!

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