Pattern Puzzle: Twist front knit top

In response to my request for new pattern puzzles, Cindy sent a suggestion for the “lilies” asymmetrical knit top from Rick Owens. The image at right is courtesy of Net-A-Porter (where you can also buy it) but I lightened it a little so details would be clearer. At the aforementioned site, you can click to select larger sections of the garment.

I also found other photos of the garment elsewhere. There is a white sleeveless version and another view in rust. The rust seems to be best for picking out details. However -going off tangent here- I find the white and rust to be very unflattering because the top is too small for the models. I think they look terrible, all of the gathers are pulled tautly and its lost the character and appeal of the soft cowling. Whatever were they thinking? As an aside, since links have a way of expiring, I’ve archived copies of the images.

My grievances aside, how would you go about recreating the effects of this top? Would you prefer to draft or drape it? Or perhaps a combination of the two? I think it is quite challenging.

As ever, feel free to link to your pattern mock ups or photos of rendered samples. I’m looking forward to seeing your results and may even try it myself. I will probably start with a draft, sew a dummy and then reiterate from there.

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