Pattern Puzzle: Twist front knit top pt.2

So, how many of you tried to work the last pattern challenge? I did some work on it. Kinda. But before I get to that, we do have a winner! who would get a prize! if we were giving those out! But we’re not. Instead we’ll ooh and aah and give Lena Merrin pats on the back [and maybe ten extra chances to win the next time we have a give away]. And then give her another challenge. That is usually how it works, qué no?

As we were; a photo of Lena’s sample appears at right. You can also follow the conversation on her site too. Her entry included a photo of the original style I had not seen before, I think it was the best yet so I also saved a screen cap of it for posterity. There is also a larger image of Lena’s sample if you want a closer look.

In the process of mulling over the challenge, I found a somewhat related style being replicated on another site called Immi Made, published by a German speaking woman. Only some posts are translated into English but I think you can get the gist of it if you understand drafting. The two pages you must see are this and this one. Between the two of those, you’d get close enough to the Rick Owens top to impress anyone. And if anyone says your version doesn’t look exactly like the original, you -naturally- weren’t trying to make an exact copy but an inspired rendition to fulfill your own artistic vision.

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