Pattern Puzzle: Style #22005 pt.2

ee_v2At long last -having been interminably delayed- comes the solution to last week’s pattern puzzle. The upper bodice of which you can see at right.  As I’d mentioned in comments, I didn’t know how the neckline was going to present itself but this is what I came up with. With a cascade -as Ann correctly deduced- there are a wide variety of options. You play with the folds and fullness until you find something palatable and congruent with the style. Before I get ahead of myself, here is a list of image files which provide more detail on how the style was put together:

Left side seam
Close up of gusset at left side
Full size front view
Front bodice, straight on
Three quarter view of front bodice cascade (from left)
Three quarter view of front bodice cascade (from right)
Right side seam
Three quarter view of right side seam (from rear)
Right side seam, skirt folds & gusset
Back bodice
Full back view
Larger view of left side seam
Another angled view of front
And still another view of the front

As I was discussing design continuity, in the photo below you’ll see the linear lines of the neckline cascade are compatible with the tucks falling at the side seam. To be certain, I could have placed softer draped folds at the side seam but at the time, it struck me as just a bit too matchy-matchy.


Several visitors mentioned that this design wasn’t hard to figure out. I’m glad but chagrined. I can never tell what people will think is easy or hard. Several attempted to construct the style out of paper but I think Alison is the only one who sent me photos. She did pretty well, not so easily done in paper.

Now, as far as the wear-ability of something like this… I suppose you could pull it off if you were rail thin or had no hips to speak of. It would be flattering to one’s derriere though, with its pencil skirt type silhouette. Ideal fabrications could be knit (of course) but also something crisp. If it were to be cut in a tight woven, I think the skirt would need to be redone with deeper folds and a bit more ease so that the tucks weren’t needing to be adjusted. I suppose one could use a tape as a stay along the side seams but that idea strikes me as a band-aid.

I also think the bodice portion could be a blouse so maybe I’ll work on a variation of such next. I just don’t know what sort of sleeve to stick in there -I do think it needs a sleeve. It is also possible that I think it needs a sleeve because I want to show off with a sleeve that requires mad pattern skills. Seriously though, most sleeves are terribly boring.

The sewing was much simpler than one might suppose and it went together fast. This took me about half an hour to sew plus a few minutes of pressing. It took me considerably longer to arrange the back drop, take decent photos and write this entry than it did to sew it.

I’ve never done a pattern puzzle for you all before. Should I do more of them or continue to glean from external sources?

As to this style, have you any questions? Any comments?

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