Pattern Puzzle: Scarf

secret_scarf_pattern_puzzleIt is a long story how I happened to come upon this scarf but I will tell all tomorrow when I make a (small) announcement.

I would tell you the name of this scarf’s designer but then you’d just look it up and figure out the trick of it. Of course, I’m sure quite of you already know who designed this scarf being so much more fashiony than me but I’ll ask you to refrain from spilling the beans.

The question is, what does this pattern look like?

If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t put much thought into it because it looked too complex. I cheated and saw the pattern. Still, being the mean person that I am, I’m going to ask you to put your best effort into figuring out what this pattern looks like. Again, so much of the time I think something is complex and you guys figure it out right away. Things I think are easy, hardly anyone gets. [Then again, I am the woman who can more easily rewire a house or rebuild a computer than turn on the TV…]

On the other hand, even after seeing a photo of this scarf laid flat, the pattern is still surprisingly complex. For tomorrow, I hope to have a version of what I think this looks like.  For now, I have to figure out how it is smushed into itself because that is not obvious from the photo. Have fun!

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