Pattern puzzle: Recycled geometric denim

hyun_gun_jang_sm First thanks to Terri (Olivia Luca) who submitted this pattern puzzle.

Today’s challenge comes courtesy of Ecouterre which sponsored a recycled denim design contest. Our selection for today’s pattern was the contest second place winner. The winning entry was a bag, very well done too. Maybe some would disagree but you can play it either way. The dress was best as far as creativity is concerned but the bag -in apparel comparative terms- is more “wearable”. And that’s what Ecouterre is all about. I think it’s a great site. It hits the intersection of sustainability and fashion very cleanly without being too judgmental (other than in terms of topic selection, this is not intended as a criticism and hope it doesn’t come out that way) about neither fashion nor sustainability. But I digress.

This dress (larger view) was designed by Hyun Gun Jang. The sleeves, while perfect for this dress, are off the table because I’ve seen this style in an number of 40’s and 50’s era pattern drafting books. The skirt is another story. Having done something similar to this, I’m very curious to see what you’ll come up with for the draft of this. Have fun!

PS. My favorite contest entry was the rug. That was my idea! Except why did she have to use bleach? I’d buy that rug. Really, I would.

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