Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson’s stupid stripey dress

Do you remember the post I wrote about Kate Rawlinson, cutter extraordinaire? Well, I’m back to make good on my threat to post what she describes as her “stupid stripey” dress as a pattern challenge. Below is the dress but you can browse other photos (scroll down and use the pane on the right) for a closer view.

In anticipation of this challenge, Kate send me a sketch of the pattern pieces and let me tell you, they don’t look anything like I had imagined. Even though I’ve seen the pieces, I’m going to do this as honestly as I can based on what the dress looks like (no peeking). I think this one will stump everyone. Post your comment with a link to your sketch or send it to me and I’ll post it for you.

To those who would participate: Grain line markings will be critical on this one. Good luck!

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