Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson & stupid stripey pt.2

Following up on Tuesday’s entry, we had two great entries to Kate’s pattern puzzle challenge. First was Carol followed quickly by Danielle. Carol analyzed it like so:


The pattern she came up with looked like this:


I like the way Carol analyzed the style. She drew lines over the photo, aligning pieces along the grain (obvious, it was a woven stripe). Her exercise is actually a great example of why I won’t sign confidentiality agreements.  Designers, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you release photos of your product to the market place, anyone can copy them without your pattern maker or contractor’s help just like Carol did -no sample needed. If you like, you can see more of Carol’s process in detail in her Flickr album.

Danielle’s analytical process was similar judging from her result (below):


The final word on the judging of the puzzle is Kate’s technical sketch (below):

Based on Kate’s sketch, you can see our contestants did very well indeed. And Kate, she just thinks she’s crazy. I didn’t want to annoy her by asking what the yield on this was. Good show everyone!

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