Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde

feral_childe_pleatedtunic Today’s pattern puzzle is brought to you by Alice and Moriah, the bi-coastal designers of feraL chiLde. Some of you know Alice from the forum, both have been hanging around here for several years, lucky us. They’re immensely talented to the extent I’ve told them on numerous occasions that they make me wish I had no integrity and I didn’t know them because some of their patterns are really, really cool. I think patterns of their styles would be incredibly popular with enthusiasts. Then again, you never know. I don’t want to make a pest of myself but I try to keep tabs on what sells and what doesn’t. Oddly, some styles I think are so great (I wish I had a technical of this so you could see what it really looked like) but are not popular at the shows. Go figure.

Today’s challenge features one of my favorite styles from their newest collection (you can see better details from their shop page). It’s described as:

  • Featuring Feral Childe’s own “Splatter Pennants” print in Silk Cotton Satin
  • Asymmetrical pleats angle across the body and lower back

I wish their site included a back view of this -just for curiosity’s sake. As it is, the front is sufficient challenge for our exercise. One of the things I enjoy about their collections is that they don’t make coffin clothes. Yeah Alice! Yeah Moriah! They also design all of their fabrics and have them custom printed to their specifications. All of their production is done in the US, New York City specifically. I feel fortunate to know them.

Alice also told me yesterday that they’ve passed on showing at Pool and will be showing at Project the next go round (next month). Some of us have been saying they were ready for that step so we’re excited and glad to see the change. Nothing against Pool, I just think Alice and Moriah have outgrown it. Which is not to suggest Pool was not good to them either. And not as though I like Project either although it’s wildly popular with the hip crowd. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their next collection will sell well.

Anyway, have fun with this over the weekend.

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