It’s come to my attention that many people don’t know how to navigate this site to get the most out of it. This topic is very long so separate pages are needed. This way you can jump to the sections that interest you. For your convenience, every link opens in a new window.

Table of Contents: (this page you’re on now)
Orientation: how to use this site
How to find stuff
I clicked on a link that doesn’t work

Comments and Sharing
How to leave a comment
How to format a comment (existing content)
How to correct a comment (existing content)
How to promote yourself on blogs with comments (existing content)
PLEASE leave comments on old entries
What is “share this post”?
What is “email to a friend”?

How to leave a donation or send me a gift (books)
What I do with the money
How to place an order
How to contact me or another blogger (also)
What is subscribing and how do I do that?

What is the forum?
I click on a link but nothing comes up
How to join the forum

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