Meet ups at Magic 8/2008

Happy Friday! I imagine traffic will be a little lighter next week with so many headed off to Las Vegas. I plan to limit posting to light topics so people will have an easier time of catching up when they get back. Have any ideas you’d like to see for next week? Or any week really, bloggers are always on the prowl for new source material. Anyway, we have a new crop of line launches from Fashion-Incubator members slated for MAGIC et al and it is quite exciting to watch these babies birthing. If you plan to be in attendance and want to meet with other members, go here to find the planned activities (dinner mostly I think) and jot down cell and booth numbers. I’m glad I never have to plan dinners at these get togethers. Getting a table for 25+ people at a reasonably priced joint (Vegas is expensive now) is always a challenge. I don’t know what the head count is right now but the thread is four pages long. By the way, most of the activity on this site isn’t here on the blog. It’s in the forum. It’s hopping all day long.

Don’t forget to get the secret password so other members will know you. And take lots of pictures. I won’t be there this time so I’m hoping for detailed trip reports from everyone.

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