Magic show interim report

I’m happy to report that I am alive and well, no small feat after the day I’ve had considering the level of stimulation and incessant comings and goings. Mike had planned to post today but his cutter quit so he had to spend the day on the floor. I’m sure he’d have a few choice words on the matter but I’ll leave that to him; expect his post Friday.

Sally and I started the day about nine o’clock. I attended one seminar on how to start your own clothing line and boy was it packed. People were lined up along the walls, sitting on the floor. I wonder what it costs to put on a seminar at MAGIC? I’ll bet you didn’t know that the presenters usually have to pay to put on a seminar at venues like this, did you? Miracle would have liked this one, I’ll write more about it later but the presenter was coming from retail so it was how to put together a line if you’re coming from a retail perspective. It wasn’t a bad overview for people who want to run a trendy numbers game outsourcing everything but it was light on the kind of stuff you find on FI. It was put on by a vivacious woman by the name of Mercedes Gonzalez. I gave her a copy of my book so I’m hoping she’ll find it worth a mention.

I had a headache the whole day until Sally came back to the hotel to feed me aspirin. I met her and her designer friend she found at the show in the bar and they both nagged me about downing the pills with beer. That the pills wouldn’t work. That I’d curl up and dessicate, resembling an embryonic snail or that I’d end up convulsing on the floor suffering simultaneous liver failure and a cerebral aneurysm. My singular defense was that it wasn’t beer it was a nice pale ale, Sierra Nevada I think. I’m sure they’re right but I still think beer and aspirin go together like needle and thread. Don’t they? I mean, they did in my wooly days. I think I got most of my calories from beer and aspirin. Like 60/40. Whatever. My head doesn’t hurt anymore (so there, Sally) but I am crispy. Too much information I suppose but I gotta cut loose sometimes.

For anybody interested in getting together, we have a meet up planned for tomorrow, 5:30 PM, Hilton Lobby by the registration desk. The invitation is open to anyone.

I have to go decompress. I’m stretched to the limit, way too much noise here and everybody smokes.

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