MAGIC Trade Show Season Feb 2010

It’s that time of year again, the MAGIC tradeshow season in Las Vegas. It used to be the largest convention in the world, don’t know if it still is. Most everyone who needs to be there has already made plans to attend. For those who haven’t, you’ll have to keep an eye on this. MAGIC is Mecca. Even if you never intend to show there, the trip is educational. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here. At close, I’ll list some tradeshow reviews previously published on this site.

As I did last year, I’ve created a spreadsheet listing dates, locations and websites (xls) of each show. It would seem we’ve lost and gained a few shows from last February. Gone: ASAP, Eco Show, Magia at Magic. New shows: FN Platform (shoes) and Workroom (?). As ever, the WWIN show is a must stop for DE women’s apparel lines. They also have a kidswear show, the competing Magic kids show is nothing to write home about. It’s harder to get to these last two shows (long story) but it’s worth the effort. All of the show links are in the spreadsheet.

If you’re interested in seminars California Apparel News has done the heavy lifting. If you’d like to meet up with kindred in attendance, check this section in the forum. If you have expectations of certain shows, please read some of the reviews. I’m speaking specifically of Sourcing at Magic. Most people are disappointed, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Happy selling, shopping or researching!

Reviews of whole sale shows: visitors
Project trade show review 2/08
Magic, WWIN, Project & Pool review: Lameka
Sourcing at Magic
Sourcing at Magic 2/08: David Sorg
Trade show reviews misc: 8/2008
Trade show review: Project 8/2008
Trade show review 1: POOL 8/2008
Trade show review: Lingerie Americas Magic 8/2008
Notes Eco Trade Show
MAGIC Trip Report: Malia Premi
MAGIC Trip Report: Sally Beers
MAGIC Trip Report: Meghan Bachman
MAGIC Trip Report: Vicki Clairborne
MAGIC Trip Report: Todd Hudson
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.3
Magic show interim report
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.1
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.2
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.3

Reviews of trade shows from exhibitors:
WWIN show report: Georgina Estefania [amended]
Showing a line at MAGIC: Rene Geneva
Global ECO Show review: Naturally Bamboo
Global ECO Show review: Ellaroo
Showing at KIDShow 2/08: Bethany

Interviews of exhibitors:
MAGIC Interview: Sales Rep Leah Wiley
MAGIC Interview: Allay California
MAGIC Interview: Bo Bo Bags
MAGIC Interview: Bungalow 360

Helpful How to’s (exhibiting):
What it’s like to exhibit at MAGIC
How to promote yourself before a show
How to promote your line at a trade show
Showing a children’s wear line
Getting into your first trade show
Trade show success and expectations
How to engage buyers at trade shows

Seminar review: Top Five Problems You Should Avoid When Importing
This could only happen in Vegas: Kimberly
Eco Seminar review
Las Vegas trade show season 2/08
Meet ups at Magic 8/2008
MAGIC Show: Publications
Open letter to POOL Tradeshow

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