Jeans fit lousy these days

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I have been sitting on this post for a couple of months mostly because I don’t know what to call it and I don’t have any (easy or fast) answers. Specifically, what’s up with the fit of jeans these days? I am beyond annoyed. I thought it was just me but then I got this email from Sue:

I am a consumer who found your site while I was looking for links to pants patterns and manufacturing. I have been noticing the trends in the patterns for most commercially retailed women’s pant. The recent troubling trend is the lack of buttocks room at all, even in higher rise pants. It just seems the a$$ just keeps getting flatter in all pants. It may be a way to save costs on labor (less curves and uneven measurements ) and material. But even the expensive brands are going in this direction. What the heck is happening and who do I holler too?! I am so frustrated I could scream.

Specifically, jeans are round-mounds lately. I’m calling it the mono-butt. There’s no nice way to say this but -we have cheeks back there, what happened to the bifurcation? A buttless, mound back there is annoying. What happened to “shape and lift”? This isn’t flattering. We want cheeks!

When I’ve brought this up with some people, they’ve said it’s because women are wearing their jeans too tight. Right. Today’s kids are the only ones who’ve ever worn their jeans too tight. Like we never did. Or don’t. It’s not that the jeans are too small (although they’re snug, all right?), it’s the cut. There’s supposed to be a CURVE back there. Redbook did an article on The Best Jeans For Your Butt and every single pair had a mono butt. Below are some views. While these are snug, I wouldn’t say they’re too tight -but I would say these have mono-mounds.

I have this idea that the cut of jeans has become increasingly worse because everybody’s copying each other. People launching a denim line grab a pair of the best selling brand in the market and copy it line for line, errors and all. Who knows how the original market leader got butt-less but I’m not the only one to think it’s from using off shore product development (review: Push manufacturing; subverting the fit feedback loop). Eric thinks it’s something else. He thinks that a given brand made a drafting error, the style became popular, and it became a look all its own. He thinks people are deliberately making them that way now either because they think it looks good or that it’s so ubiquitous people don’t know they’re supposed to look any other way. Well, I don’t know which came first, the chicken or the egg. All I know is that if you want cheek room in pants these days, you either have to buy them used, make your own or hunt and peck for the few remaining brands that aren’t buttless. By the way, one such brand is Rockies which you may have never heard of. Rockies are cowgirl pants. Below is a pair of Rockies on the left. I don’t know where the pants on the right came from. The latter photo came courtesy of google image search and I’m kicking myself for not saving the originating url. Rockies are available in western wear and many feed stores.

Of course I would love to open the floor to a discussion of this fitting problem but we might have to move it over to the forum so people can upload sketches of their drafts and proposed solutions. I know I have a hum-dinger I’m looking forward to posting from a vintage German pattern drafting book.

Okay, in keeping with today’s theme of jeans fitting, I coincidentally got an offer from the Tummy Tuck Jeans PR person to sponsor a jeans giveaway. All we need now is a contest. So our contest is, selecting from the silhouettes on this page, which pants pattern is most likely to render the worst fit? I will randomly select a winner from all correct responses. Upon selection, you will have to provide your size, name, address and contact information for the product to be shipped to you. Deadline is next Monday.

PS. If you have any recommendations for companies still making decent jeans, sing out. This company looks promising except they don’t show any on a model. Problematically, they claim “We invented Diamond Gusset jeans in 1987”. Good grief. I’ve been putting gussets in pants at least ten years prior. Perhaps needless to say, I’ve been inspired to play with pants drafts lately…

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  1. Sabine says:

    Wrangle booty-ups are nice for definition and have little gap in the back…
    Carreli jeans are even better for leaving no gap in the back, but have less definition.

  2. Vicki C says:

    I have probably 30-40 pairs of the “Rockies”, bought from 1980’s to 1997. They are the best ladies jeans ever made.
    Of course I had horses till last year, 2014. He had been. retired out for about eight years at the age of 31.
    Well, I will get back to Rockies Jeans. I have gained some weight and can’t get onto my old ones. But I will be that size again and I’m working out now, so I can fit into them once again. These jeans are the only ones that makes you feel so sexy, because they are so flattering.
    I stumbled on to this sight, but I hope ever lady and young lady will find these jeans and try them! I’m going to track down this company and try to get a couple pairs until I lose allite weight. If anyone finds the company, please email me.
    Good Luck,

  3. Kayleen Reynolds says:

    Rockies jeans are no more. the company is now Cruel Girl. The last time I checked they have gone to that same sad stretch jegging everyone else is selling.

  4. Agnes says:

    It looks like more than 8 years after your post some things have started to changed and we can now see more and more brands introducing curve/curvy/et cetera lines and also vintage cuts are becoming popular. After all clothes should copy our body lines and complement them in a nice way . The mono butt jean cut is something awful and i have found that it is not the only issue, if you have a smaller waist , but a bigger butt or tights or both then you have a problem to find something flattering.
    I am a modern young women and always have had a problem to find skinny jeans that fit my waist 23- 25 (depending on the season) and my bigger thighs 20-21 .

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