Introducing my new retail pattern line!

Yay! After saying for ages that I’d start a retail pattern line, I finally have. It’s called Savant Patterns. This is the logo that Jasonda did for me. I still owe her money for it now that I think about it. She didn’t bill me because she was late but still, decorum dictates. She has done several jobs for me, I just can’t say enough about her work.
I’ve only launched with one style so far, it has been a stealth launch of sorts. official_launch_bomber_jacketYou can read more about it here. At right is the image of the jacket I sewed to create the instructions. It is cowboy sized so you might go down one size. Here is a rough sizing chart based on actual pattern measurements:

XS chest 46″
S chest 48″
M chest 50″
L chest 52″
XL chest 54″

My husband wears a medium. He is 5’10”, 185lbs, with a 42″ chest if that helps. This will fit a guy up to 6 ft tall with no height adjustments needed. It would also be great for a taller female with a larger bone structure. It is suited for a heavier coat weight fabric and quilted lining. With all the thicknesses (and to allow for a layered sweater underneath), you should select a size that is a minimum of 6″ to 8″ inches greater than actual chest measure.

The instructions come as a pdf file and are a separate purchase and download ($5.99). The reason is that the pattern itself is a physical item and Etsy doesn’t yet facilitate downloads for those items. The file is 59 pages long and has … sheesh (I forgot to count) well over 60 detailed photos and several diagrams. It has been photographed step by step. The jacket at right won’t win any design prizes but the light colors facilitated photography. It was also sewn in pink and purple thread for the same reason.

There is also a tall version, Style #12602. Whether regular or tall, the cost is $24.00 for the pattern.

For manufacturing:
As I mentioned previously, one can buy the pattern for manufacturing purposes. The cost is $30 per size times 5 sizes ($149.99 actually) with no royalties or anything else. For this price, you get a plot of five sizes and also, instructions. If you think you might be interested in this, I recommend buying one size to try it out first. I will deduct the cost of the purchase if you go this route later on.

You can also get this pattern on oaktag if you prefer. The cost is $30 per hour labor and one size would take about 2 hours, give or take. You can also have it modified to suit at a cost of $75 an hour. To select this option, inquire within.

The last option is to buy the CAD file for all sizes, instructions included. The fee is $249.99. With this option, customization is also possible at a cost of $75 per hour labor. Again, if you think you might be interested in this, I recommend buying one size to try it out first. I will deduct the cost of the purchase if you decide on this option later.

In sum:
No this isn’t the latest and greatest to hit the runways but it’s a solid and serviceable style to be used for years; a classic. It’s also a good bet for a launch when you need to control for as much as possible, you know, all the payment and customer service stuff. Also, I’m testing the format for instructions. I have not seen anything else out there like this. The pattern itself is a known quantity; I have made so many that I swear I could do them in my sleep; these and sport coats so the latter will probably be next. After I get the kinks worked out of the system (and have a dedicated page set up), I’ll probably do more fun items. None of them common or easy. Easy doesn’t inspire me unless it has some kind of twist to it.

I plan to create a separate forum for users to compare notes. Another element I’ve started is a bug list. So far—knock on wood—I’ve found them all rather than users and notified or issued corrections as needed. I plan to make this transparent as possible. In fact, here is an Excel spreadsheet thus far (buyer’s names redacted). There are a lot of little twists to these; for example, I’m issuing a plot map for each pattern (see this sample). This will make it easier for you to locate a given piece within the pattern you receive.

Questions? Comments? I await feedback with bated breath. But now I have to rush off and make dinner for my husband (leftovers, poor guy). Happy New Year!

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