Infovore links 12.28.2006

Late in coming, these renditions of Oh Holy Night will bring tears to your eyes:
The first version will bring tears of joy; it’s from our lovely friend Ann.
The second version will bring tears of laughter. (Via)
Don’t miss the ending of either.

Speaking of music, see Visual acoustics, a musical stim toy combining art with music. I’ve described it ineptly but it is cool. Your kids will probably like it too. Addictive. (Via)

Re: more stim toys to play with, Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena (thanks Eric).

Last of today’s stim toys, my mostest favoritest newly discovered site is HAVARIA Information Service AlertMap. It’s live, updates every twenty seconds or so with disasters of the world detailed. Everything from disease and pestilence to maritime disasters, typhoons, avalanches, land slides, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, forest fires, blizzards, tornadoes and ecological disasters. The latter includes a plague of rats and stoats in New Zealand. Who knew? Stoats are cute little buggers, aka ermine, nearly rhymes with vermin to which the locals will apparently attest. Eric said my fascination was perverse as he attempted to wrest the laptop from me for a better look.

Another reason outsourcing hurts, scorpion in jeans stings woman at store. “Apparently the Chinese bark scorpion hitched a ride in the pair of jeans that were imported from China“.

Woot:One Day, One Deal. Miracle turned me on to this site, a different sort of retail model and really funny to boot.

Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap: 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups

Sample Business Contracts from SEC Filings, useful! You’ll never have to ask me for another sample contract again (Via).

Dumb dumb dumb dumb! Best Buy has customer arrested for paying with $2 bills. (Via)

This explains why I’m a vegetarian but I’m going to hell anyway because I think What Jeff Killed is funny. Study shows that vegetarians, when they were children, had higher IQs than their peers. There was no word on whether they also showed a sicker sense of humor.

Hungry for a month. These are the experiences of Evan who resolved to only spend a dollar a day on food for a month. Speaking of, being hungry makes you smarter and undereating makes you live longer and in better health.

This is gross, a real story from Calorielab.

This guy is a maniac. “Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 days. He does 200 miles just for fun. He’ll race in 120-degree heat. 12 secrets to his success“. Puts my piddly marathon to shame, no? (Via MR)

Also via MR, Insights: Guessing the Killer Is a Confidence BoostA new study finds that people with low self-esteem don’t seem to like it much when a story ends with a twist“.

A history of the zipper.

A history of the Fiskars scissor company (pdf). Thanks Eric.

Twain quotations from A-Z

100 things we didn’t know last year. Among them, the lion costume in the film Wizard of Oz was made from real lions, the pope wears Prada and George Bush’s personal highlight of his presidency is catching a 7.5lb perch. Ack!

More lists of 2006 (perhaps only appealing to the digiterati)

The effect of peer pressure on productivity in the workforce.

Speaking of productivity, if you’ve read this far, you need to get back to work!

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