Hurray for Corduroy Day!

I’m sure my announcement is anti-climatic what with the ribald festivities taking place in your workplace today but for the few who may not remember, today is Corduroy Day! November 11th is the only obvious choice, 11|11 being the date that most resembles corduroy. I can’t imagine how wild next year’s parties will be on 11|11|11 but better make party reservations now. [Please note you should use the pipe key {|} rather than the forward slash {/} when writing 11|11 since it looks even more like corduroy.] I’ll bet that even if you did know today was corduroy day, you might not have known that the official symbol of the Corduroy Appreciation Club is the whale; whale being a homonym of wale.

flax_flowerOkay, so this was a weak opening to what I really wanted to tell you about, that being linen. There’s a great broadcast quality video (sent to me by David, thanks!) about linen from start to finish. I had no idea the plant was so delicate and pretty (right). The video is about 15 minutes long and is a snap shot of the whole production cycle from dirt to shirt. Some of the equipment is quite fascinating. I promise it is much better than I describe it.

With cotton prices surging like crazy, maybe linen become a more popular sustainable option. Did you know there’s an EU confederation of Flax and Hemp producers? They paid (?) for the making of the film. Their site could be a resource for you if you’re trying to source the goods. The group also has a blog.

I’ve always loved linen, it’s probably my favorite fiber. It’s 2 or 3 times stronger than cotton, is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s also smoother and softens in every wash. I have so much of it now I don’t let me buy anymore until I sew up some of what I already have. It really is a great choice for retro-styling that begs for crisper lines and finishing. Enjoy the film.

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