How to issue style numbers pt.127

Danielle of Final Fashion has her own thread going in the forum. The purposes of which are to “kick the tires” of her product line. I think she’s done a bang-up job; there’s detailed illustrations with links to photos of actual garments on her website. I posted one of her sketches the other day. Anyway, I did notice one thing that needed some work and Danielle has graciously permitted us to use the discussion and sketches for the purposes of group education. Specifically, my critique is the design of her style numbering system. If you have my book, you already know the basics and a follow up post is here, to say nothing of the many many times I’ve written about style numbers already (hence, this post is numbered 127 -not that there actually were 126 posts preceding this one).

We’ve decided to do this topic in 3 posts. The first one we’ll correct numbers for product type. The second time we’ll correct for future growth (so your style number system will last the life of your company). Third, I’ll ask Miracle to come in and cast her eye on the structure of the line sheet itself. Again, these are minor tweaks. Please use the line sheet below to see where we’re getting the numbers we’re using. I realize the numbers may be too small for you to read, if so, scroll down this page for a larger image.

Correcting for product type
First, let’s go over the bodies you have. You have tops, outerwear, skirts, pants and accessories. All of the tops (for example) should start with the same number. All of the skirts should start with the same number, etc. Even if this were the only correction you were to make, that’d be okay.

Note: The first number that appears is the number that Danielle issued. After the equals sign is my suggested correction.







1100 series = Skirts
2100 series = Dresses
3100 series = Outerwear
4100 series = Blouses
5100 series = Pants
6100 series = Accessories

Now, you can assign any of those series to whatever category of products you like. The numbers I applied were arbitrary. Generally, “1” is reserved for the product you do the most of. In this case, I guess you’d make blouses 1100 series but that’s your decision. This tweaking is minutia. Assign whatever series you like to each class of product. Once you put up the correction for this in the forum, I’ll post the numbering system correction for growth both here and there.

Thanks Danielle! Very few people are willing to be guinea pigs for the purposes of our education so I really appreciate your generosity and hope everyone else does too.

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