How to find sewing contractors

Perhaps it would surprise you that I don’t have a magic list of sewing contractors. While I have a leg up in many respects, it’s still a challenge. I’m curious as to how people go about searching for contractors in the first place. The reason is that I get questions like this everyday but I don’t have the same problems finding names. If the question is from a member of the forum (a supporting member of this site), first I send them there to search for referrals other members have mentioned (or who are contractors themselves). If not a member, I can’t help them in part because I can’t make a living giving away free information but mostly because I don’t know if the person is sufficiently prepared to enter into a relationship with a manufacturer using my name as a lever. Sometimes because I’m curious though and I’ll search to find a range of contractors in their area and wonder why they couldn’t find them themselves. Once, I found a contractor who was literally, five blocks from the DE‘s house (she is now very happily using this contractor). By the way, this DE (love her to death) swore up and down for two years there wasn’t a contractor she could use within 200 miles.

These are the strategies I use to find manufacturers of apparel and sewn products. Within an hour, I’ll have more names than I can sort through.

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