How to sew faster pt.2b

I realize I failed to highlight three critical points I didn’t say in Tuesday’s entry.

  1. Regarding Equipment: Did anyone notice that I didn’t mention industrial machine speed as being a critical matter in reducing sewing time? Machine speed is relatively inconsequential except for such items with long straight seams or hems. That said, industrial machines are a better choice due to operator control (there is no comparison, really, its what enables speed as a by product), the quality of stitch formation and the use of stronger weight threads making for increased seam strength.
  2. Misplaced Expectations: It is inappropriate for anyone (enthusiast or entrepreneur alike) to have the expectation that short cut “industrial sewing secrets” can be served up du jour to compensate for one’s time eating constraints. It’s like expecting tips to have a fair shot at winning a foot race when you’ve only got one leg. And no, it’s not fair and as tidy as we like.
  3. False Choices: Culturally, we’re of two minds. On one hand, faster is better as in the aforementioned race. On the other, most cultures value a slow path to higher quality results -but these can be contradictory choices you don’t want to be boxed into. You don’t want to appease yourself by saying “I might not sew quickly but I sew well” if you are implying that industry sews poorly due to speed because this could imply that anyone faster, sews worse -and you know that’s not true- and because this would also mean that if you wanted to sew faster, it would logically follow that you would want to sew worse too. If there were any lines to be drawn to determine moral or artisan superiority, those would lie in the demonstration of the quality of the result.

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