How many kinds of fashion illustrations?

sample_brushesFrom my mail, Luciana writes:

I’m a fashion student from Argentina. For my final project I want to pick fashion illustration and the various forms of representation used in the fashion industry (fashion figures, technical flats, diagrams, instructions, etc.) And for you being a professional in the industry, and having experience working with different types clients, I wanted to ask you for any advice or reference material you think would be useful for my thesis.

Considering the increasing complexity in this industry, I thought this would be a good subject to pursue, akin to the 13 kinds of samples post I wrote previously. I have a lot of books and sources so I could probably write this well enough on my own but it would be more useful to hear from practitioners who do the various kinds of sketch development regularly -since I only do it under duress.

It would be helpful if you could:

  • Name the illustration type
  • List its utility, why it’s needed
  • When it’s needed (if at all, it could be optional)
  • A resource for it (book, website etc)
  • and last but not least, a link to a sample illustration.

Somewhat related, I found a link to a new add-on for Illustrator called 101 Illustrator stitch brushes. That link will take you to the shopping section to purchase it ($47) but I think this link is much better in terms of showing the level of detail of each brush (samples shown top right). Yeah I know a lot of you say it’s easy to make your own brushes but some of us struggle quite a bit. I first thought $47 was a little pricey but on second thought, it would save those of us who are Illustrator challenged, a lot of time. I haven’t purchased it yet so I can’t say either way, caveat lector.

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