Free download: 64ths Inch CAD grading ruler

Anyone who makes CAD patterns will instantly understand why a 64ths inch ruler is important. If that describes you, you can skip the discussion and go directly to the download. There are four types to choose from, pick the format you like best.

All others: When making CAD patterns, you need a ruler broken down into 64ths of an inch to facilitate fast math, not measuring. For example, if one seam measures X 17/32 and the joining seam is X 9/16ths, you need a chart that will quickly tell you which is longer. Sure you can do it in your head but doing it over and over every 5-10 seconds (literally) becomes a cognitive load that slowly distracts you from the larger picture. In the previous example, 35/64ths is the mid point of the two measures so you could change both seams either +1/64″ or -1/64″ to meet in the middle. The best way to do this is with a chart showing an inch broken down into 64ths in a readable format. Unfortunately, a ruler broken down into 64ths that is large enough to read (quickly) and that is clearly labeled, is difficult to find.

Anyway, if you’ve been as frustrated as I’ve been, one of the rulers I created may be a better solution. On this sheet (pdf) are four rulers to choose from, each with different format styles so you can pick the one you like best. I like #2 best (top right). You can use them however you like but I printed the sheet and applied a strip of clear packaging tape to the ruler. Then I cut it out and taped it to the wrist rest of my keyboard so I never have to search for it. Previously I had printed out the strips and left them around but they got mussed, torn and of course, lost.

Below are the screen caps of each ruler 1, 3 and 4:

cad pattern grading ruler

You’re welcome to distribute the rulers as long as you don’t charge for them or remove the copyright notice.

As a courtesy to forum members, I have posted a link to the spreadsheet source file so they can format a ruler more to their liking.

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