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If you keep a blog, you get mail from people marketing themselves or their companies. I prefer press releases or direct honesty but I usually don’t get those. Nope, I get faked up emails from people who insinuate that they’re a regular visitor to the site but when you read their spiel, you know it couldn’t possibly be true. Take for example the email I got last week. Yes, it was for yet another Fitting System™.

Dear Kathleen,
I just read your entry from March 13th (I’m a bit slow, I know). I thought an email was more appropriate than commenting online.

Like so many women, I’m frustrated with the range of sizing, vanity sizing and all the confusion. I also hate to try on clothes, oh – the frustration and depression! In an effort to reduce the confusion and frustration, we building a new company, an online retail store that matches great clothing to women, based on their body shapes, measurements, and preferences. Sizes will no longer matter! Fit and Flatter are the key words. At you have a personal shop offering you distinctive clothing…

Now, had Sarah actually read the post she mentions, she’d know I’d probably be the last person on earth to whom she should pitch her new-fangled, handy dandy Fitting System™. But no, Sarah just googled fitting issues, landed here and sent off her pitch without bothering to read the post. That was a boo-boo for sure. She also gets bonus points for having a patent pending! So here’s the traffic you wanted Sarah. Enjoy. Still, I think you’re going to lose a lot of people before they ever get near the third (yes, third!) measurements screen.

I can’t imagine how they plan to make money. I don’t know how to get through people’s heads that style is the first thing that draws people. Yes, sizing is extremely important but it doesn’t matter how well the stuff fits, if it’s ugly, they won’t wear it. That’s why Fitting Systems™ are doomed to fail unless they’ve got style and design to lead the interest. Again, these ladies (and one gent) have nada, zip, zero styles displayed on site.

And another thought, how is it that these systems are sprouting like warts? Is this a sign that we have become reconciled to burgeoning waistlines to the extent that handy-dandy patented Fitting Systems™ have become the diet plan equivalent of the 00’s?

I almost feel I should start collecting each new fitting system as it comes along. It’s as tho they’ll become artifacts or something.

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