Enter to win free Illustrator stitch brushes

Courtesy of Nadia Faubert, designer and creator of PrestigeProDesign.com, we have a giveaway!

-And yes, I was to have posted this last week, a thousand blessings for your patience-

To enter the freebie giveaway for the Illustrator add-on of stitch brush patterns, leave a comment mentioning the stitch pattern you like the best (by number) or whichever one will be the most useful to you (this link, scroll down, is the best one to see the stitch patterns).

I’ll go first although I can’t win. My favorite stitch patterns are the gathers (#38 and #41) which I mentioned before. I also like the zipper teeth (#64 & #68).

Oh, and if you’re late to the party (like me) and don’t know what a stitch brush is, it is an add on for the Illustrator program. If you need to illustrate a given effect in your tech packs or design illustrations, stitch brushes are very handy. You can draw a regular line and convert it to a line of zipper teeth, sequins, embroidery or double needle stitching or gathers or whatever with the “brush” instead of laboriously drawing it all out and then copying and pasting it here and there.

Again, to enter to win this Illustrator stitch brush set (value $47), post a comment listing your favorite stitch brush pattern in the collection by number.

PS. If you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won (I’ll draw names on Tuesday afternoon), Nadia has cut the the price of the collection from $47 to $27 for a limited time. Simply mention you saw it on Fashion-Incubator.com for the discount.

PPS. I will be giving away an additional set of these brushes to forum members who are current on their membership. You need not enter to win (beyond renewing if you’re past due).

Edited 5/1/12: I’ve closed comment to this post to prevent anyone else from entering as the contest is closed. See this entry for two other ways to win.

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