Centered zipper template

If you’d like to follow along with the centered zipper sewing exercise, you can download the pattern here. The sewing demonstration is soon to follow.

By the way, I didn’t make a new pattern for this so you may not need one either if you cut the patterns for the lapped zipper. Specifically, the pattern pieces you’ll need from the first exercise are the right back and the left neck facing. Funny how these things work out, no? The more you look, the less it’ll seem a coincidental thing and more like an engineered one. Lastly, this refers to dressweight plastic coil zippers only. Outerwear zippers are different but regardless, there is a standard for each kind of zipper in each given insertion application.

You can use a basic home sewing pattern for this exercise if you’d prefer. The first thing is to trim the neckline seam allowance to only 1/4″. Then, reduce the CB seam allowance to 1/2″ and remove all seam allowance on the facing at the CB edge. The length of your zipper inset area is the same as before -in other words- a 7″ zipper takes 7″ plus 1.5″ for set down and finishing requirements. The 1.5″ measure will never vary, only the length of the given zipper will.

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