I’m packing a pair of shorts, a pair of light weight khaki jeans and these pull-on elastic waist band pants I got from this lady in Ecuador. They’re lightweight but warm. Almost like heavy flannel. I’m also packing a long sleeve black tee shirt and a ratty chenille sweater that was already well worn before I bought it. Also a cotton canvas jacket with quilted lining (I made it, I make all my coats). That goes in on top of the tank tops. It’s weird to pack cold weather clothes in 100 degree heat but in Taos, it’s cold at night. And by the way, we’re going to Taos. It gets cold in Taos. It can be bone chilling cold when you first get up and then very hot by midday (high elevation) and then chilly once the sun goes down. I’ll be back Monday but out of action till Tuesday. Thanks to Zoe, I took Thursday off to pack. We’re camping so we have to bring stuff. My husband took the day off too. I guess we really didn’t need a whole day to pack but neither of us like to rush things. We drag it out, making it an all day affair. I took the opportunity to do the laundry for next week already. I do all the laundry. Eric calls me the laundry fairy (he hates laundry). The laundry fairy gets to keep any money she finds in the dryer. The laundry fairy scored $5 yesterday. One week, it was enough to buy my lunch all week.

Anyway, I also packed my digital camera and of course, my computer. I wonder if I could ever go on a vacation without one now. Awful huh? I’ve already scoped out the local coffee houses in Taos for free internet connection. I have two choices, both of them good. They’re close enough to get to on my bike (we’re bringing our bikes) from the campground. You can’t drive easily in Taos if there’s something going on. You’re better off biking it. This is still a small village. We’re going for the Solar Music Festival. Not so much for all the bands but because it’s a different kind of energy. I can hang around with other chicks who don’t shave their armpits. We also look over the technology. The solar energy people come out. And craftsmen. Real ones. I saw the most amazing handmade boat last year. Some technology is crude, things people make themselves. Last year, these girls (okay, early 20’s) made some cardboard solar ovens that they were baking chocolate chip cookies in. They were good enough to sell but they were just giving them away.

And of course, I’m bringing something to read. Right now, I’m reading this book about the guy who invented/discovered the science of geology. Bellasophia sent that for my birthday. Then yesterday, a book that Tejido sent me (she lives in Japan) written by Aronson (The Social Animal) that I’ve always wanted, came in and because I can’t pick one, I just may end up bringing both. Or maybe not. I’m torn. Anyway, I’m off for a long weekend (not really a vacation) and won’t be around much. Have a great weekend!

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