Bra pattern making

While traversing the web (read: in the throes of task avoidance) I found a cool site called Instructables. Navigation of the site is enigmatic -speaking of, what’s up with that? Seems like many of the Web 2.0 sites are into cryptic navigation. Anyway, you have to click on “explore” to get to anything remotely interesting. It’s a DIY’ers paradise, encouraging submissions from anybody.

I liked the Hungarian Shelves, I think I’ll build those with modifications of my own; some projects skip quite a few steps, this one doesn’t mention that you’ll need -minimally- a jig saw (I love my jigsaw and look for any excuse to use it). Another fun project was the Marshmallow gun for which you’ll need a hacksaw (speaking of tools) and I can never find mine (plural, I have several; they’re like those 2×18 rulers). Looks like a great way to use up those leftover pieces of pvc pipe from old plumbing projects.

Speaking of PVC and projectile weaponry, I wonder if there’s a plan for a potato launcher (scroll down, it’s a riot) on there? Oh, I see they do! Some things are lame (how to defend yourself with a cell phone).

What I really meant to tell you about -my mind works in circuitous ways- was an entry on bra pattern making. This chica seems to know her stuff -judging from descriptive language she uses for bra parts (cradle, balcony, tape). Anyway, her entry is complete with patterns (graded) and physiology although there’s no sewing tips; it’s just how to make your own bra patterns.

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