Bonanza book giveaway challenge

Courtesy of the generosity of Laurence King Publishing, we are sponsoring a bonanza giveaway. Yay Laurence King! For your enjoyment, they will be giving away copies of all five Bunka College books that they have translated into English to one lucky winner. The titles are:

Drape Drape,
Drape Drape 2,
Pattern Magic,
Pattern Magic 2,
Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics

Laurence King has also generously offered to ship directly and being that they are international, this giveaway is not limited to residents of the U.S..

The publisher would also like you to know that Drape Drape 3, Stylish Dress Book, and Feminine Wardrobe will also become available in English in Spring 2013 —but I’ll tell you more about those as more information becomes available.

My question for you is, since this is such a grand giveaway, what sort of challenge should we ask of contestants who want to enter the contest?

Speaking of challenges, at right you’ll see a photo of a pant rendered from the “Apple Peel” pattern in Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics (pg. 56).

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