Back from SPESA & Material World

I’m back from SPESA Expo and Material World. Did you miss me? Did you use the time productively to catch up on some older entries? You don’t know how close I was to assigning homework for you to read while I was gone but I thought, no, give them a little vacation and some breathing room. Not to fret, I’ll be making up for lost time next week. Heh.

I’m a crispy critter right now, not heat-wise, just all peopled-out. It was comparatively small as far as trade shows go, well, compared to how Bobbin used to be. I got some good leads, poked around at some machines but was not particularly thrilled with the fabric choices. Everything was all knits, what’s up with that? Vesta and I kept chorusing, Knits Are Evil and then laughing and of course everyone thought we were crazy.

So, what did you do while I was gone? Anything productive? Learn anything new? I want to know everything.

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