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Hello lovelies, how has this week been treating you? Is everyone geared up for Magic? It’s that time of year again. I think if I am truly fortunate, I will never have to go again. Some people are invigorated by all the people-energy but it really drains me. I do well enough to handle the crowds at the grocery store.

Nothing much in the way of news to report -oh wait!- I finally made good on my threat to start a new pattern making forum. Specifically, it is an Optitex user’s group. If you have Optitex pattern making software or are considering purchasing it and want to know what its users think, do stop in. We only have three members so far (Ann V, Kerryn T and me), this being the first public announcement. Heck, I didn’t get the site up until late yesterday afternoon. It is open to the public but you’ll have to register to post. Also, the site is not officially affiliated with Optitex but I did tell them I was going to do it and they were fine with it. I suppose I should have warned them before I told you -which only proves why I should never be in charge of mangling managing anything.

As ever, if you are trying to catch up on content, here are the entries published on this site over the past five years -with more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

August 6, through August 12, 2005
Couture Pattern Puzzles
Why We Buy
Alternatives in women’s sizing
Bariatric patients for sizing surveys?

August 6, through August 12, 2006
How to find investors for a clothing line pt.1
Infovore links: 8/8/2006
Analyzing business plans pt.1
Domain names
How to manufacture shoes
Analyzing business plans pt.2

August 6, through August 12, 2007
Handbag product review
Gestation of consumer culture
History of apparel manufacturing
Who’s going to Magic?
Trade secrets and sewing contractors
A sense of professional decency
Poll of the day: darts
News from you 8/11/2007

August 6, through August 12, 2008
Fabric trashing …or stashing?
Medellin Day 2C
Going to Magic in August?
Medellin Day 3
What I don’t like about Colombia
Pop Quiz #476
Discounts for sewing defects?

August 6, through August 12, 2009
Prototype bag Style# 4216 pt.1
CPSIA: Children’s apparel exemptions
Selling to department stores pt.1

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