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Tough week. I remain without words at the extent of the loss and devastation. I hope you can donate as generously as your heart and circumstances permit.

Idly, I wonder about the long term effects on the industry such as it is in New York. Will the effect of the hurricane be to solidify the city’s trend toward a marketing hub, replacing its mainstay of sourcing? Who can say. Mine are but speculative thoughts; what do you think?

I’m looking forward to catching up next week. Last week I was dealing with more site maintenance issues; hopefully your reading experience was not disrupted. I’m hoping to resolve it once and for all (ha ha) by the end of the month. Also, I was hosting a production pattern making seminar. Next week I will be posting news of an awesome give away so be sure to stay tuned.

October 26, through November 1, 2005
Copying processes #3
Sewing hammer
Copying processes #4
Copying processes #5
Poka Yoke pattern making
Piece naming conventions
Pattern puzzle: Junya Watanabe

October 26, through November 1, 2006
A fun little quiz pt.3
Grading is not morphing
Too many sizes!
Another lovely Sunday
Trick or Treat

October 26, through November 1, 2007
News from you 10/26/07
ADHD dump: factoring 2
The universe is needling me today
Wanted: freelance fashion designer
Los Angeles Fabric Show: Trip Report

October 26, through November 1, 2008
Show Details Magazine
Best sentence I read all day
Hunger (yet another lousy title)
French pattern making books

October 26, through November 1, 2009
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson’s stupid stripey dress
Trip report: Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market
Why people don’t return your calls
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson & stupid stripey pt.2

October 26, through November 1, 2010
Weight War: BMI vs BVI
Everything I wish I’d known when I started pt.3

October 26, through November 1, 2011
What’s a prototype and when do you need one?
I have a prototype but I don’t have a pattern
La Bricoleuse -a costuming blog
aflaNotch maps: suit sleeve & armhole

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