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Our guest house needs a new water heater which sounds like a rather simple thing, no? Hah. The former owners who built the place installed the water heater (and well pump) first and then they built a tiny closet like “building” (I use the term capriciously), around it. Meaning, we have to tear down the building and its “roof” (again, pure whimsey) to replace it and then rebuild the space to house it. In sum, a $350 job -the cost of the water heater which we could do ourselves- has come closer to costing ten times that. [The only reason we could afford this property was because so much was wrong with it -once we found a lender, no one wanted to lend on it, not even as a tear down.] Long story short, that is how my weekend is going. We have a companionable handyman who is tearing down the old “building” -I say that with all the fondness of a disaster fading in memory- and digging the footing for a new concrete floor for the new building. Which will be bigger. Not by much, enough to house a washer connection should a future buyer find it appealing and a bit of space to house Mr. Fashion-Incubator’s chemistry projects. So how’s your weekend going?

Anyway, here’s stuff for you to read with even more in the archives.

October 21, through October 27, 2005
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October 21, through October 27, 2007
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October 21, through October 27, 2008
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October 21, through October 27, 2009
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October 21, through October 27, 2010
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