A cutter’s must pt 2

In the first post of this series, I defined a cutter’s must, explained its utility and had posted a very basic cutter’s must for style 21117 so go back and review that posting if you have no idea what I’m talking about. In this entry, I’m posting a cutter’s must for style 21201. By the way, you may want to revisit What is Kaizen?. If not, a photo of 21201 appears below:

Note that in the photo, the yokes are a contrast fabrication. This distinction must be made on the cutter’s must, otherwise it’s entirely possible your yokes will be cut out of shell/self. The reason I say that is because a cutter’s must usually doesn’t have a sketch like mine does (hint: visuals are good). Also, never assume the cutting department has a sample garment on hand for comparison although they should -meaning you should provide one. Anyway, the cutter’s must for this style is slightly different because the contrast portion that details the pattern pieces for this style are color coded green (below).

Now you’re ready for the next post in the series, PN numbers.

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