A cutter’s must

A direction or pattern card is an itemized list of all the pattern pieces that pertain to a particular style. While a direction/pattern card is not a cutter’s must, it can be used as one. Here is a photo of an actual card.

Like a direction card, a cutter’s must is an itemized listing of the pattern piece components of a given style. Regardless of whether you’re using direction cards (and I suggest you do), you must provide a cutter’s must to the cutting department or a contractor on an ordinary sheet of paper. Below is a sample of a common cutter’s must for style #21117.

Either of these two things serve the same purpose but a cutter’s must is made from the direction card. You can download and print out this sample cutter’s must here (666kb). You can find a sample form to use on page 79 in the Entrepreneur’s Guide.

You will notice that the cutter’s must is color coded. Now, I realize that many companies don’t color code their pieces but I suggest you do. Please color code your pattern inventory appropriately; it eliminates the potentiality of disaster -as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post.

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