5 Bunka Book giveaway

Yay, the giveaway is on!

Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing, one lucky winner will win one copy of each of the following books:

Drape Drape,
Drape Drape 2,
Pattern Magic,
Pattern Magic 2,
Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics

To enter, submit a comment written in Haiku -preferably in the context of sewing, drafting, draping and such. For example:

I love Bunka Books
Because sewing is my life
I will sew till death.

You get the idea but hopefully nothing quite so morose.

As I mentioned previously, the publisher will be shipping directly so this contest is open to anyone regardless of residency. Likewise, Lawrence King would like to remind you that Drape Drape 3, Stylish Dress Book, and Feminine Wardrobe will become available in Spring 2013, two of which are currently available for pre-ordering.

Again, to enter the contest, write a comment in Haiku. To make it more interesting, any posts you comment on during the coming week will be considered entries provided they are written in Haiku. Good luck!

PS. It is great that F-I seems to be so popular with bloggers -judging by all the links left- so how come none of them link here? Share the love people.

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  1. Natasha E says:

    Alas I am but
    linkless no opinions to be
    said just cats to see

    Here you go Cosmo Cat chasing a squirrel the cat is rude and uncouth and does not return links. He lacks in basic social etiquette.

  2. joanie says:

    Did I wait too long?
    Please, oh PLEASE consider me!
    Shyness overcome.

    A sewing rookie,
    I just dream what they create. . .
    Ahhhh. Inspiration!

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