transporting cut pieces in the sewing factory with bundle carts

Bundle carts: Yet another thing you didn’t know you needed.

Traditionally, each sewing machine in the factory has a side table that is placed alongside the machine. This is where work in process is placed. I had a difficult time finding any tables of the size I wanted, at a price I was willing to pay and I also had the problem of moving small, cut pieces around the factory in such a way that they would not be lost or soiled.…

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Abby, a product manager at S2016 Boot camp, showing off the first bundle.

Report of TexProcess 2016

My review is only a month behind schedule! This was an outstanding show for us, the best ever. We were able to locate and purchase several items on our list that ranged from significant to trifling (but annoying). For whatever reason, this last show seemed to be a radical departure from previous shows in that vendors were actively thinking of ways they could help us -even if that meant sending us to a competitor.…

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Coat front and back

Design of the Child’s Coat -Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp, Fall 2015

Coat front and back -many thanks to Alvanon for donating the form! Isn’t the form adorable?

Better late than never, here is a discussion of the features that we designed into the child’s coat we produced at last Fall’s apparel manufacturing boot camp that was hosted by the Albuquerque Fashion Incubator and my sewing factory.…

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